Attach Your PS Move to a Plush Toy in Konrad the Kitten

In perhaps the silliest use of the PlayStation Move yet, German developer FuzionPlay has developed a mode for its upcoming PlayStation VR pet sitting sim Konrad the Kitten where you attach one of the motion controllers to a plush toy with “elastic bands or scrunchies” for added authenticity. We’re not even making this up.

The game sees you feeding and nursing the titular feline in order to unlock new areas and minigames, though there’s no word on whether your tasks will expand to litter tray duty. Minigames include mice and fly catching, which doesn’t sound particularly pleasant at all. Konrad also apparently likes to leap through hoops, and presumably enjoys sharpening his claws on new pieces of furniture, too.

The game’s due out on 23rd February, so make sure you’ve got your plush toys ready.