Facebook To Start Allowing In-App Subscriptions For iOS Devices

Developers looking to sell apps for iOS devices typically go through the iTunes App Store, in which Apple will then take a cut of whatever money developers make from selling the app. This too applies to in-app purchases and subscriptions, which can be a tough pill for some to follow, leading to some encouraging users to signup outside of the iTunes App Store.

Such was the case with Facebook who will now be allowing users to start subscribing for content behind paywalls through its iOS app. This was revealed during the Code Media event (via AppleInsider) in which Facebook executive Campbell Brown said that the dispute between Facebook and Apple had been resolved.

For those unfamiliar, both companies were in dispute over the fees that Apple was charging for in-app purchases and subscriptions. However with this dispute ended, the tool will now be open to publishers that will allow users to subscribe to content, a tool which was previously available on Android devices for a while now.

iOS users should be able to expect the feature to be available for their devices coming this March. Like we said, Apple typically takes a 30% cut from in-app subscriptions, but the company did announce some changes in the past which would reduce their cut if developers could ensure that subscribers were to stick around for at least a year.

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