Fortnite Temporary Game Modes Coming Soon

Epic Games has revealed the details for their upcoming update to Fortnite as well as their development plans going forward. The latter plans include more Limited Time Modes and updates to existing ones. Some temporary modes that are scheduled to come within the following month are Blitz Mode (very short matches), Drop into the first circle, Generally less time between circles, and Team sizes in between 50v50 and squads.A screenshot from Fortnite

LTMs that Epic Games are keen on adding to the list are modes like Sniper Shootout, Sneaky Silencer, and “floor is lava.” These are not the final names for the new modes, but they do convey exactly what the mode will consist of.

The 50v50 mode will be getting some updates too, working to be “closer to the 50v50 trailer experience.” When the update rolls out, teams will be split at the start with a separate bus for each team (giving everyone ample time to build their fortresses and plan their moves), then teams will converge for the battle. You will also be able to see your squadmates on the map, and there will be more supply drops.

Epic Games has stated that these LTMs are used to test shooting models. More than likely, this means that the developers are experimenting with game balance too like characters, skills, weapons, and other equipment.

Furthermore, allowing developers to experiment with various modes can help them to fine tune the overall game into something exciting and dynamic. Or in other words, really make it stand out from all the other battle royale games out there.

There are many PUBG “clones” out there right now with more still coming, and they are all trying to stand out in their own way. A favorite at the moment is the upcoming Egress, a game that throws Dark Souls mechanics into the battle royale mix. But what do these clones mean for PUBG? Check out our Editor-in-Chief’s thoughts on the matter here.

Temporary game modes are also good to keep players coming back, gives something new for everyone to try out and have fun with. It means that there will always be fresh content for experienced players and incentives for new players to try out the game.