Kingdom Come: Deliverance – How To Clean Blood Off Weapons/Clothing

On top of decisions you make, quests you undertake, and how you resolve disputes, your personal appearance in Kingdom Come: Deliverance will impact how NPCs respond to you and the reputation you carry in each village. Here are a few tips on how you can clean your clothing and your weapons of dirt and blood.

Clean Blood/Dirt Off Clothes

If you head over to a bathhouse, you’re given an option to have your clothes laundered. There are plenty of troughs around town for you to wash off quickly, but that won’t help your clothing. Nevertheless, use them so that your Charisma stat is at the highest you can manage. A good rule of thumb is to keep some backup clothes in your trunk or on your person if you can carry everything. Thay way, after a scrap, you can wash up and change into something better so your interactions aren’t hindered by your appearance.

Clean Blood Off Weapons

Walking around with the blood of your assailants on your weapon may seem like a way to intimidate, but players who want to keep their reputations intact will need to clean the blood off their weapons regularly. Luckily, the mechanic to keep your weapons sharp is the same one that cleans blood off. 

Every blacksmith in a town has a grindstone and there’s a mini-game that allows you to sharpen and clean your weapon. You can also take them to the blacksmiths themselves to have them cleaned and repaired, but the extra effort on your part will save you a lot of money.