Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Where's The Spade?

The first segment of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which essentially serves as a five-hour tutorial, will lead you to an emotional moment where you must bury a couple characters in Skalitz. Recent events in the town make it a bit difficult to search through things for the spade you’ll use to dig, but there’s a clue to help you get to it quickly.

Where’s The Spade In Skalitz?

The spade can be found near the area where you gain control of Henry initially. Listen for the sound of a dog barking and follow it until a cutscene starts. This will initiate an encounter with a former resident of Skalitz and you’ll have to decide how you want to handle this particular situation. Once you have the spade, the spot where you want to dig is up near your home.

No matter how you get to the conflict with this person, the events that unfold after are significant in moving the major plot along.