Pixel pretty Metroidvania Dandara is out now on Android

Dandara Android

Dandara is yet another Metroidvania that harkens back to the good old days when you could count the number of pixels on screen. As a result, it offers a fair challenge.

You play as the eponymous hero who’s trying to save the world of Salt. It appears to be under some kind of dictatorship, and only you can save it for some reason.

Metroidvania Dandara is out right now on Android

So you’ll run, jump, and gun your way through a variety of different environments and villains. You can even take to the walls or ceiling, defying gravity itself.

There are hidden areas to uncover, puzzles to solve, and a variety of death defying jumps to complete. If you like platformers, you’ll be in heaven.

So go ahead and grab Dandara from Google Play right now if that’s you.