Predator menu message editing/jiggy coding help

  1. Hello,
    I have recently switched to predator menu (6.51 I believe) for the infinite game feature that jiggy doesn’t have (the one with kills and time). Although, I have a problem, I need my messages (which were spin text and doheart I think) edited on predator. I could do it on jiggy but due to it being compiled I am kinda stuck. So I either need help to edit spin text on predator (do heart is editable in game), or help adding the truly infinite game to jiggy (if its possible)


  2. XeCrash

    C++, C# Coder/Support


    I’m not familiar with Predator menu but unless he has given you an option to do it like Jiggy it won’t be possible to change his spinning text and other messages without the source code. Jiggy’s menu has unlimited time as for unlimited kills im unsure of but Jiggy v4.2 source it out there floating around somewhere on google. So you could find that and add in unlimited kills and change the spinning text and recompile it.