PS3 IDPS Dumper?

So I found a video of someone giving a tutorial on how to “jailbreak” their ps3 using a IDPS Dumper (I say jailbreak, but have no idea if that really is jailbreaking a ps3 using an IDPS Dumper) and I want to know if this is real or fake, because I’ve seen people saying you can’t jailbreak a Super Slim console. In the video it says Super Slim 4xxx is supported (I have a cech 4201C console) and I’m curious if it would work for me.

I don’t know if links are allowed, but I can add it in if needed.

Edit: I’ve been reading that Super Slims are unjailbreakable, but nothing up to date. (All 2008 – 2013). Any update on that yet?