PUBG Mobile Game Releases in China

Not two months ago, publishing partner for PUBG Tencent announced that their developing company Timi was working on a mobile version of PUBG. Sure to be a big hit, we were all very excited to see it happen. As Tencent is a Chinese company, they released it first in China today. They have not mentioned whether it will be released internationally, but they have not ruled it out entirely.

With its release in China, we have some gameplay footage from ZhugeEX and Kotaku. It looks like the controls are a bit more complex than one tap to rule them all, which is certainly a good thing for an FPS on mobile.

You have a movement joystick on the left side, and one action button, which you can likely toggle with actions from the right side, like punching, shooting, running, crouching, and crawling. You can also use the right-side actions instead of the toggle on the left so you do not have to stop moving in order to attack.

The player in the video sure makes the mobile version of PUBG look easy and smooth, despite the frame rate issues. However, other players might not have as much luck with controls like these.

Aiming can be very difficult with the joystick type movement controls because not all touchscreens have enough points of contact to make 360˚ joystick movement smooth. Though with the new AMOLED screens, that has been improved exponentially. That said, other games have tried auto-aiming instead and that is more fun and easy to play, but for something a competitive as PUBG, it might be too easy.

Regardless of your preferred playstyle for an FPS on mobile, it is obvious that Timi has quite a few bugs to fix. While we wait for PUBG on mobile to come to North America, what kind of FPS controls would you prefer? Is the auto-aiming easier? Or tapping rapidly on the target to shoot at them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.