Road Tripping Across Europe? Here Are Some Suggestions

There’s nothing as exciting and imagination-inspiring than a European road trip. Here are three routes to add to your European road trip bucket list…and a few car check safety tips to help you get ready to roll.

Explore Tuscany
If wine, scenic hills, and medieval towns are your thing (aren’t they everyone’s thing?), skip spending your entire trip in the larger, more touristy Italian cities and spend time on a meandering route through the Italian countryside. Start from Florence and head towards Orvieto to see its amazing Gothic cathedral and fascinating caves. Be sure to take a couple of bottles of Classico wine with you when you go.

Next, travel along the coast, checking out the real castle that sits over the town of Talamone and taking some sun at Marina di Grosseto. On your way back to Florence, cut though the Chianti region (yep; where the wine is made) and make sure to spend at least a few hours exploring within the walls of the town of Siena.

Drive Route 500 in Germany
For breathtaking views of the Black Forest, enjoy a mountainous drive on Germany’s Route 500. It’s nearly 70 km from Feldberg to Waldkirch. Along the way, you’ll be treated to views of the Northern Black Forest, the Rhineland Plain, the stunning Vosges mountains, and finally the Swiss Alps. While some may opt for the thrill of the Autobahn, we believe the beauty of this route can’t be beat.

A1 in England
Leaving the mountains behind, a trip across the A1 in England is an absolute must for anyone road-tripping in Europe. It’s the longest motorway in the country and runs between Edinburgh and London. Meander along the A1 to get awe-inspiring views of the gorgeous English countryside. Make sure not to miss Antony Gormley’s famous “The Angel of the North” sculpture that resides in Gateshead.

Road Trip Tips for Safe Travel
Before you set off on your next European road trip, it’s essential to make sure your vehicle is in good working order. Here are a few quick checklist items to cover before you start the engine and head out.

• Battery – Make sure your battery is charged and its terminals are clean.

• Tires – Your tires need to be inspected to make sure the tread is good and that they have the correct amount of air pressure in them.

• Brakes – The break pads on your vehicles should also be checked for extreme wear and tear.

• Engine oil – The oil should be at the proper level.

• Other fluids – From transmission and differential fluid to engine coolant and windshield washer fluid, everything should be topped off and ready to go.

• Hoses and belts – These should also be in excellent working order to prevent a breakdown.

If you’re not mechanically-inclined, no worries! Simply take your vehicle into the closest Kwik Fit for servicing. From tires to everything else, they’ll get you all checked out and ready for the road trip of a lifetime.