Shadow of the Colossus Photo Mode is Absolutely Stunning

The Playstation 4 remake of Team Ico/SIE Japan Studio’s Shadow of the Colossus comes out this week with a few surprises, one of which is Photo Mode. I feel this is the perfect game to showcase this particular feature because of its stunning landscapes and of course, the colossi themselves. As Spencer can attest in his preview, this game is gorgeous and takes new life on the PS4. Bluepoint Games has done a fantastic job at bringing this 2006 classic into the modern era of gaming, so expect a lot of selfies.

One thing I’ve noticed is the sheer amount of control given to the player from the filters, color balancing, field of range, and even vignettes. You can even switch between the camera position between the player and the horse, which I found amusing. If you’re feeling that Instagram mood, there’s even the option to leave the filters on during the game. Want to roam the Forbidden Land in sepia? You sure can. The fact that players can easily bring up Photo Mode at anytime brings infinite possibilities in capturing that perfect moment in Wander’s journey.  I’m totally going to create an awesome wallpaper for my cell phone (once I figure all that out).

I’ve been enjoying shooting photos and sharing them on the various social networks but here’s a quick compilation from me. What cool snapshots have you been taking in Shadow of the Colossus? Please share!

Shadow of the Colossus Photo Mode is Absolutely Stunning

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