Sp to Mp not full ( Only for mods cars or Story cars and cheats online )


Save game on Minor turbolance
Start from online and put spawn on South of los santos
Go into the story and take 1 star
When your char put hands up push Option
Go online and when you r on sky DC your internet Reconnect after 2 SECONDS
go back to the game with double tap on PS button wait second Allert message and wait 8 seconds ~ push X
Wait until leave the section go away and then again Dc internet Go back to the game Wait black screen go back to internet connection and reconnect it
Go on recent activities where it say go Gta online and push X
wait next attention message
And push [] square
Wait until you are early to respawn online
Double ps to go back on recent activities and push x over it
Wait on Allert message for 5 seconds
Then push O circle and your are online !

If you have got impound cars on stories you find it on ONLINE

If you want to use cheat code from story to online when you re with franklin find a new section and when the orange circle show up put the command for the cheats you want

For SAVEGAME you can use savewizard ( buy it with 2 friends coz you have 3 slots for SAVEGAME )

Mods your cars with saveditor

23 hours ago I ask to remove the video so , me or other one post it the same
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